Why Do Students Drop out of High School?


You think you know them: the 20% of young people – 800,000 each year – who don’t graduate from high school.

America’s Promise Alliance is spreading the word about getting young people the knowledge and skills to compete in the 21st century global economy; with plenty of skilled workers and leaders for the future.

Get the details about the faces behind the numbers. America’s Promise Alliance together with Tufts University has published a new report: DON’T CALL THEM DROPOUTS: Understanding the Experiences of Young People Who Leave High School Before Graduation.

In it you’ll find a vibrant portrait of young people’s experiences gathered and reported in a way that deepens the national conversation about why some young people are still failing to graduate despite historic advances in graduation rates.

The reasons why students don’t complete high school can vary from “I felt like nobody around me cared, so I didn’t care”, to “I had to play the mom role to my niece”.

Great insight into understanding the challenges of your adult learners, and we hope some inspiration for helping bring them to success with passing the high school equivalency test, and gaining lifelong success.

There is hope, and a tremendous amount of it. As one student in this inspiring documentary about why students drop out and getting them to graduation says, “No matter what age I am, no matter what struggles I’ve been through, I can make it.”

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