Ways to Celebrate World Teachers’ Day


This year, World Teachers’ Day is Monday, October 5th. Teachers are a cornerstone figure in the lives of students. They not only light the way for others, teachers are also kind, compassionate, and an inspiration to their students. It’s no wonder that teachers have their own day dedicated to them! If you’re looking to show some appreciation for your teacher, here are eight ways that are sure to make them feel special.

  1. Create a Homemade Gift
    Don’t want to give your teacher an apple? A homemade gift is a special way to show your teacher how much you care about them. Decorate a jar and fill it with candy, or make a gift that thanks them for everything they’ve done during the school year. For some gift ideas, visit this Pinterest board to really make the extra effort.
  2. Make a Card for Your Teacher
    A homemade card is a thoughtful way to express gratitude for your teacher. Cut out some construction paper, put some colorful decorations on your card, and include a thoughtful message. Tell them how much they mean to you or include a special classroom memory.
  3. Help Clean up Around the Classroom
    Did your class have an activity that made a mess? Help your teacher clean up after class. If you’re looking to help clean up after a lesson, one quick but helpful way to clean up is to clean your teacher’s chalkboard or whiteboard. Your teacher will be sure to appreciate the extra help and effort!
  4. Create a Teacher Appreciation Box
    Create and decorate a box where students and other teachers can put notes in with special messages. Your teacher will feel appreciated and special!
  5. Hold a Teachers Awards Event in Your School
    Hold an awards event that gives out various awards to teachers. You can make teachers in your school feel even more special and make them their own “red carpet” by putting red paper down the hallway.
  6. Attend a designated World Teachers’ Day Event
    Looking to find an official World Teachers’ Day event? You’re in luck! UNESCO’s website has a comprehensive list of events worldwide. You can even create your own and have it verified on their website. Visit worldteachersday.org to learn more.
  7. Hold a Teachers’ Appreciation Luncheon and Breakfast
    Organize a day of appreciation and have teachers attend a school luncheon and breakfast. Have a survey sent out that gets an idea of how many will attend and what kind of foods will be the most popular. Get ready to chow down and have fun!
  8. Hold a Class-Wide Effort to Decorate Your Teachers’ Door as a Surprise
    Decorate your teacher’s door along with your class. Include a sweet picture or a heartfelt message. It’ll be a sweet surprise when they walk into their classroom and see the effort you and your class put together. For door ideas, check out this Pinterest board.

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