Using Effective Assessment to Guide Instruction and Improve Outcomes for Middle School Math Students


Want to know how you can use assessment to inform teaching and help shape learning for your middle school math students? Whether or not you use the Glencoe Math program for grades 6-8, Data-Driven Decision Making provides insights for effectively using assessment throughout the year to identify students’ strengths and challenges.

Data-Driven Decision Making helps you distinguish effective assessment from routine, calendar based assessment, and enables you to create an ongoing assessment cycle using data-driven insights to inform instructional decision-making. You will learn:

  • The three stages of the assessment cycle and the purpose and key questions to ask in each stage;
  • How the assessment cycle is embedded in the teaching and learning process;
  • The three types of assessments for effectively measuring mathematical learning:  diagnostic, formative, summative;
  • Ideas for using assessment to guide instruction.

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