Tips for Being a Great Direct Instruction (DI) Teacher


How does an instructor become a great Direct Instruction Teacher?

Direct Instruction Students

An expert in the field, Carolyn Schneider, created a list of 10 Tips for Being a Great DI Teacher…here are first five of the top 10.

1. Study the script. If you expect mastery from your students, it is important to master the material you give them. Remember: Good teachers read the color print, great teachers
read the black print.

2. Increase your pace. Effective pacing has two benefits. One, completing one or more lessons a day, and two, keeping students on task.

3. Bell-to-Bell teaching increases student engagement and maximizes teacher time.

4. Strive for an expressive delivery of the script. Put more emphasis on key words and boldface print words.

5. Increase your eye contact with students. Always look at the students as they respond. This allows you to monitor students who are answering on signal, and boost the confidence of their responses. Also, remember to give individual tests at the end of exercises, this will specifically increase the performance of learners who may be at-risk of falling behind.

Next month, be on the lookout for the next five tips!

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