Tips for Being a Great Direct Instruction (DI) Teacher-Part 2


How does an instructor become a great Direct Instruction Teacher?

Direct Instruction Students

Tips 6-10 from Carolyn Schneider, an expert in the field, from her 10 Tips for Being a Great DI Teacher.

6. Retest when students are not at mastery. Follow the remediation recommendations then retest students. This allows you to truly have data to drive the instruction. Great DI teachers assure mastery for every student, every lesson, every day .

7. Require better independent work. Check for legibility and accuracy. Workbook activities must be correctly daily. Students should have a writing utensil and correcting utensil and BE RESPONSIBLE for their own work.

8. Use the Teacher/Student Game. Teachers often try the student/teacher behavior management plan, focusing on the positive behavior in the classroom.

9. Specific praise. Specific praise will help the students know when they are doing well. Reinforcing the rules with exact praise will bring stronger results. For example, “Everyone is tracking. Student point.”

10. Follow acceleration schedules. The students should move through as quickly as possible. Direct Instruction is built on the teaching foundation that All Students Can Learn. Be sure the student is placed at the exact lesson at their instructional level. There is no greater reward than seeing your students succeed!

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