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Dr. Shawn K. Wightman, principal at John R. Kment Elementary School, was facing a huge challenge.

Kment Elementary, in Roseville, Michigan, had been put on the state’s “priority school list” indicating the school was among the lowest-performing schools in the state. In fact, with a score of 2 percent, 98 percent of schools were achieving higher than Kment.

In collaboration with his staff, Dr. Wightman implemented both the Reading Mastery Signature Edition and Connecting Math Concepts from McGraw-Hill Education in Kment Elementary. The results are impressive. Students are happier and more confident in their learning abilities. Teachers feel they are at the top of their game. Parents are thrilled with their child’s success. And Dr. Wightman is proud of the gains in student achievement.

“Our success…is a prime example of why McGraw-Hill Education is a trusted provider of proven, powerful and innovative education solutions for all students,” he said. Student achievement at Kment Elementary increased by 20 percent.

Combining two Direct Instruction programs equals dramatic success in Roseville. Reading Mastery helps significantly at-risk students become fluent, independent, and highly skilled readers. Connecting Math Concepts taught to at-risk or underperforming students.

“I am excited to come do my job every day, because I know the students are excited to learn,” says Alexis VanDamme, First Grade Teacher at Kment. See how this school in Roseville is making significant gains in education.

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