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These days, technology has the power to dramatically improve how students digest, retain and apply information. As educational technology becomes more common in the classroom, the question still remains whether these solutions provide a positive impact on student progress and performance.

After adopting Time to Know, a digital teaching platform from McGraw-Hill Education, Glen Rose Intermediate School in Glen Rose, Texas, is getting results. Results that are measurable, impactful and impressive.

The platform streamlines the 21st century digital classroom by blending the learning environment so all aspects of teaching, learning, and assessing become integrated into a single core curriculum classroom solution.

“Becoming a digital learning experiences company was a strategic move that is clearly obvious in our partnership with Time To Know. We believe this partnership will allow us to lead the digital learning market,” said Scott Drossos, Senior Vice President, McGraw-Hill Education Digital Partnerships.

The opportunity to differentiate instruction to learners supports success for every one of Mapes’ students. And most importantly, her teachers are always at the core of the classroom.Lauri Mapes

Principal Lauri Mapes notes that Glen Rose Intermediate School adopted and implemented Time to Know because it not only aligned with the districts’ goal of bringing digital learning to the classroom, but also because it is high in quality, affords teachers real-time progress monitoring, and enables them to easily identify their students’ level of learning in order to differentiate instruction.

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