SRA Open Court Reading: Leading the Way to Literacy Success


Grades K-3 are critical years for turning students into highly skilled readers. To set young readers on the path to becoming lifelong learners, a new and improved SRA Open Court Reading program designed to excite and empower teachers and students alike will make its debut at the International Literacy Association (ILA) 2015 Conference.

According to our research, over 40% of public schools plan to adopt new elementary ELA (English Language Arts) programs by the 2016/2017 school year. What a great time for this renewed program to become available, especially for failing schools and schools challenged with high populations of English language learners—but also for niche schools seeking a stronger literacy advantage, like parochial and charter schools.

It’s a fact that Open Court Reading has delivered literacy results for over 50 years, and this latest iteration takes the best of the original Open Court Reading and the latest Imagine It! programs to the next level in a comprehensive, blended digital/print offering.

Open Court Reading drives research into practice with sound/spelling cards, explicit sound and spelling instruction, encoding/decoding, and essential vocabulary and comprehension skills for the older and more advanced students. The program has continually evolved over the years based on extensive teacher feedback and research results, and elementary educators nationwide have been anxiously awaiting this program for implementing in the upcoming school year.

A comprehensive K-3 reading and language arts program, Open Court Reading is leading the way to literacy success by providing schools with comprehensive resources and tools to build strong readers, writers, and thinkers. Elementary teachers apply the explicit, systematic researched-based instruction to support all learners as they learn to read, including:

  • Explicit instruction and powerful tools that help teachers guide students from learning to read, to reading to learn
  • Increased focus on vocabulary acquisition, comprehension, critical thinking, and reading and writing fluency practice
  • An engaging blend of print and digital resources with content

Marisa Russo, National Education Consultant, states, “There is nothing like it that I have ever seen, and I have been teaching for years.” She stresses how helpful and successful Open Court Reading is with ensuring reading and writing for all English learners through her frequent school demonstrations and explanations of the products. See a program overview presented by Marisa in this online webinar. To schedule an early literacy strategy session, fill out the request here.

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