How One Company Is Bringing out the Engineer in Every Girl


The Story of how #GirlDay started, by Amy Yamner Jenkins, Vice President of Marketing Education Elements, Inc.

“Not all engineers are boring,” one female engineer said. “I wear heels even though I am an engineer,” said another…and it took off from there.

Based on the book, Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, which one employee reads to her 4-year-old often, the female engineers at Education Elements decided to write a poem to inspire girls to get excited about engineering in honor of the upcoming Girl Day. They wrote verses based on their experiences and on what they like to do.

Then, because they are engineers, they made it into a cool website. And because they work at an education company, they realized the best way to share the website would be to open up a discussion about it through a live webinar.

So, GirlDay2015 at Elements grew from conversations over lunch to a website and webinar about being a #girlgeek and proud of it. The girl geeks who spend more time designing and coding our personalized learning platform, rather than working with our students and teachers, came out from behind their students to stand tall and inspire others. Check it out here!

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In honor of #GirlDay and bringing out the engineer in you:

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