McGraw-Hill Education & The Rochester Area Literacy Council present: The Reading-Writing Connection


Reading and writing have long been taught separately. However, research has revealed important connections between reading and writing that can be taken advantage of instructionally—to the advantage of both (though the emphasis here will be on how writing improves reading). This presentation, by Dr. Timothy Shanahan, will show how engaging students in writing activity can have a positive impact on their reading development across the grades. Additionally, Dr. Shanahan will explain how writing experience helps students to read and learn better and shows practical approaches for exploiting the power of writing successfully.

Dr. Timothy Shanahan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Urban Education at the
University of Illinois at Chicago, is a Past President of the International Reading Association, former Director of Reading for Chicago Public Schools, and Principal Investigator for the National Title I Study of Implementation and Outcomes: Early Childhood Language Development. Dr. Shanahan is one of the lead authors for the McGraw-Hill Education Reading Wonders program.

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