Keeping Kids in the Back to School Routine


It’s a new school year, and that means keeping students focused, on-task, and helping them get back into the swing of things and more importantly, stay in the swing of things. For elementary students, this can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips to keep your child focused in school throughout the year.

  1. Use movement to help your child stay focused
    Keeping your child engaged in physical activity on a consistent basis helps them with memory, focus, and much more. In fact, the CDC has linked physical activity in children with increased cognitive skills, attitudes, and academic achievement. Get up and get moving!
  2. Have a nutritious, healthy lunch packed the night before each day of school
    Nothing is worse than scrambling around in the morning trying to hastily make a lunch for the school day. Even worse, when you rush, by the time your child gets to school you realize you forgot to pack their sandwich for the day. Having a lunch made the night before takes stress out of getting ready in the morning.
  3. Get back into the habit of reading with your child so they feel refreshed and ready to take on classes for the new school year
    Have your child start reading now so that they feel ready for their English class this year. Get a new exciting book, and better yet, have a vocabulary refresher!
  4. Make sure that your child keeps their school supplies organized
    Keeping school supplies organized is a helpful way for students to feel prepared for classes. Make sure your child has binders for each subject that are organized in a way your child will find beneficial for them.
  5. Communicate with your child’s teachers
    Getting in touch with your child’s teachers ensures that you can all work together to make sure that your child is as successful as they can be in school. Also encourage your child to never be afraid or uncomfortable to ask the teacher for help when they are struggling with a subject.
  6. Remember that routine is key
    Waking up at the same time each day and sticking to a routine helps students to stay focused and do their best in school. Having a “night-before school” routine where your child gets organized for the next day helps guarantee that they will have a relaxed morning getting ready for school.
  7. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast
    Studies show that breakfast is our most important meal of the day, helping students with energy, improved concentration, and mood. No matter how much in a hurry you are to get your child to school, make sure they never skip breakfast! (That goes for you too.)
  8. Have a quiet area for homework
    Designating a quiet study space in your home for homework is another great way to help with your child’s success at school. A comfortable desk, chair, and good lighting can make all the difference in helping with concentration.


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