Incorporating Social Media in the Classroom


Many educators are reluctant to use social media in the classroom because they think of it as a distraction rather than as a powerful learning tool. But what if you could use it to enhance your lessons? Social media can make a great addition to your classroom teaching and is also an excellent way to communicate with and engage your students. In today’s learning environment, digital learning is becoming increasingly important. Here are some practical ways you can incorporate social media in the classroom.

  1. Start a twitter for your classroom
    Create a twitter account for your class to involve your students and encourage participation! Use it as a bulletin board to let students know about changes to assignments, office hours, and tweet resources for students. Encourage students to participate by creating a hashtag for your class as well. Teachers With Apps provides more ideas in their post, 60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom.
  2. Post videos to YouTube
    YouTube can be a great way to catch students up on lessons that they missed. Post a video summarizing the day’s lesson, or, if you’re a science teacher, record some experiments and put them on your YouTube channel! Check out our YouTube channel, Fun with Science Experiments for some fun science related videos.
  3. Start a blog for your classroom
    A blog is a great way to have a two-way discussion with your students on class topics. Invite them to create their own blogs so they can comment on your posts. Assign students weekly blog posts where they’re required to discuss what happened in class.
  4. Start a podcast discussing class topics
    Podcasts are a great way to discuss current events related to the subject you teach and can also be used as a way to enhance your lesson. Talk about science-related news if you teach science, or take the opportunity to discuss current events if you’re a history teacher! Ask students to write a response to your podcast as an assignment.
  5. Use Skype in the Classroom
    Skype can be a great way to provide after school help or to host guest speakers that can enrich student learning about a class topic. Check out’s 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom for more tips.
  6. Create a digital classroom with Edmodo
    Edmodo is an app that helps you assign students homework, schedule quizzes, and manages progress, grades, and attendance! For more information on using Edmodo in the classroom, visit
  7. Create a Facebook page for your class
    With so many students on Facebook, it can be a great way to interact with your students. Post class updates, share articles and resources that would be helpful for students, or post statuses that invite students to give their feedback on a class topic.
  8. Create a Class instagram
    A class instagram is a great way to show parents what you’re doing in class and showcase students’ work (with their permission of course). Create a class hashtag and invite students to share a photo of their favorite historical figure, or post pictures and videos related to the current class lesson.

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