Enhance Literacy in the Classroom


Today is International Literacy Day and we know how important literacy is for a child to succeed in school. Literacy is linked to better health, employment, income generation, and lower dropout rates. Here are seven ways to help enhance and improve literacy in your classroom.

    1. Go digital with fun apps and games
      When students use apps or games to help them with phonetics or reading comprehension, it can make a world of difference. For ideas on apps that can help teach reading comprehension, visit mheonline.com/apps, or check out this fun list from iLearnTechnology: http://ilearntechnology.com/wordpress/?p=3032.
    2. Use kinesthetic activities to help students with vowel sounds and syllables
      Using cards to help with vowel sounds, syllables, and phonetics is extremely helpful to students learning to read. Here’s a success story of a teacher who used phonetics and cards from our Open Court Reading Program.
    3. Start a class or school-wide program
      A class or school-wide reading program is a great way to help students get excited about reading. Give rewards when students read a certain number of pages or finish a book to help them get even more excited about reading!
    4. Anchor charts
      Anchor charts are a great element to add in the classroom that outlines a strategy, process, or procedure. They are an excellent visual aid for students in the classroom. Need some anchor chart inspiration? Visit WeAreTeachers’ Pinterest.
    5. Create a classroom library
      Creating a classroom library helps foster a love of reading in students. Put your books in organized bins, and set aside class reading time each day or a few days a week. For more ideas on creating a classroom library, check out this article by Reading Rockets: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/creating-classroom-library.
    6. Create a classroom literacy center
      A classroom literacy center is a designated station or area in a classroom that is designed specifically for learning. Often literacy centers are successful because they encourage students to work independently or with each other. For more information on how to incorporate a literacy center in your classroom, check out Reading Rockets for ideas.
    7. Host a writing competition based on a theme or idea
      Ignite the imaginations of students and inspire a love of writing by hosting a writing competition. Create a common theme for students to follow to make it challenging!

    For more ideas on enhancing literacy in the classroom, visit our Reading and Literacy Pinterest board.

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