Effective Professional Development Leads to Success for All


“To promote and nurture effective teaching, the profession should offer quality training, well-designed career paths, time to work together on the best ways to help students, quality evaluations that help teachers in their development, professional development based on identified needs, and fair accountability processes”Dennis Van Roekel, president of National Education Association.

The best educators are those who constantly strive to improve themselves and their practices. Professional development helps teachers broaden their skill set, learn new techniques for the classroom and hone their subject knowledge. Teachers that have access to professional development not only help themselves with their career goals, but also attributed to student success.

To ensure teacher and student success, McGraw-Hill Education offers online courses and in-person training for our programs, giving our teachers a deep knowledge of effective implementation strategies and instructional practices.

We build our solutions on five principles of effective teacher professional learning:

  1. Content-specific learning
  2. Active engagement
  3. Teaching models
  4. Collaborative learning
  5. Practical application

Our Quick-Start Professional Development online courses help teachers get quickly up to speed on their programs. Quick-start online courses deliver modular, video based instruction to support teacher’s back-to-school implementation. Led by program experts, the courses provide instruction and exposure to the tools and components teachers use during the first few weeks of program implementation. Quick-start online courses are a timely, well-organized way to get the information you need.

McGraw-Hill Education currently offers Quick-Start courses on ConnectEd for the following courses:

  • Así Se Dice
  • Core- Plus Mathematics
  • Everyday Mathematics 4
  • SRA FLEX Literacy
  • Glencoe Math
  • High School Science
  • Inspire Science
  • iScience
  • K-12 Music
  • My Math
  • Networks
  • Number Worlds
  • Open Court Reading
  • Open Court Reading Foundational Skills Kit
  • StudySync
  • Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics
  • High School Math
  • Reading Wonders ©2014
  • Wonders ©2017

Access your Quick-Start course today, available 24/7, offers a certificate of completion, and has a supportive, online community.

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