Closing the Gap before Kindergarten


Carroll Peak Elementary School in the Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas is working hard to close the achievement gaps for its kindergarten students before they even enter their classroom.

“From the very first day they walk into kindergarten, our children have gaps in their learning and score poorly in almost every skill measurable. But with the help of the Morningside Children’s Partnership we’re able to reach our children at an early enough age to prevent some of the gaps, and to close some of the gaps before our children enter kindergarten,” says Lear Linton, Carroll Peak Elementary Principal.

Morningside Children’s Partnership, formed in 2012, is dedicated to building a stronger and better community and making families and futures matter. MCP sets high goals, one being that by 2018, 90% of more of MCP children entering kindergarten will be school-ready. Carroll Peak Elementary schools was just the school to help them achieve that goal.

With the help of MCP, Carroll Peak utilized Direct Instruction products including Reading Mastery and Language for Learning to get PreK children ready for kindergarten.

Rosetta Furtch, teacher, says “I think the best thing that we can do for students is to teach them…to give them the gift that they can survive that when they know something on the inside that they’ll be successful. And the students, the PreK-3 year olds that I teach, they have that persona about them. You cannot tell them they can’t sound out words, they can’t read, they can’t count-they know that they can. And they walk and they talk with a good attitude.”

The program is not only getting these students on track for kindergarten, it’s doing amazing things for the community as well. “It’s a great program. It’s benefitting our kids, our neighborhoods. Kids from the south side will be someone because of this program,” says Deanna Bates, parent.

With the help of Morningside Children’s Partnership and Direct Instruction products, the achievement gap is closing for these students in Fort Worth, TX.

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