A Closer Look at Faraway Places: Celebrating Mars


This past weekend, after enjoying time with family and friends, sharing great food and (perhaps) packing on a few extra pounds, a lot of us took part in that informal post-Thanksgiving tradition known as “Black Friday.” But this year, Black Friday was also “Red Friday” – not because retailers lost money – but because every November 28 is Red Planet Day. The event commemorates the 1964 launch of Spacecraft Mariner 4’s 228-day mission fly-by of Mars. Mariner 4 came within about 6,000 miles of the surface and sent back pictures of the fourth planet from the sun. It was our first close-up look at the red planet.

All these years later, Mars remains a target for new age exploration. In 2012 NASA successfully landed the Rover known as Curiosity. The sophisticated space bot is still exploring and snapping high resolution photos of the Martian landscape. You can follow Curiosity’s fascinating voyage with NASA at http://mars.nasa.gov/msl/mission/mars-rover-curiosity-mission-updates/.

As a company focused on delivering innovative and inspiring learning experiences, we’re just as excited about the cosmos today as we were as wide-eyed kids, looking skyward. We hope you enjoyed the holiday and had a wonderful “Red Planet Day.” To explore the vast world of Science, browse our free online samples Science: A Closer Look at https://www.mheonline.com/onlinesamples/program.php?subject=3

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