Challenging Students to Make a Name for Themselves


Now more than ever, students earning a high school equivalency diploma are taking the first step toward becoming something greater.

A high-school education or equivalent diploma is so critical to a person’s ability to gain ground and improve their life. With it they have the potential to join the military, get an above-minimum-wage job, step up to a higher education, and reach higher.

Without it, the ability to support a family or gain a modicum of freedom from the daily struggle of living hand-to-mouth is impossible. According to America’s Promise Alliance, 20% of US Students leave high school without graduating. It can be a daunting, challenging task for non-graduates to continue pursuing education when it feels like the odds are stacked against them.

  • High school dropouts are 72% more likely to be unemployed as compared to high school graduated (U.S. Department of Labor, 2003)(National Education Association)
  • The median earnings of a bachelor’s-degree recipient during a forty year full-time working life is 65 percent higher than that of a high school graduate, according to the Alliance for Excellent Education

Getting over the mental hurdle from “What’s the point?” to “Yes, I can!” can be daunting, but there are many agencies and resources standing by to help.

The need for a basic high school education is great, and so are the rewards. Opportunities abound for those who have dropped out and wish to obtain their high school equivalency.

  • 73% of those who received a high school diploma went on to complete at least some postsecondary education (United States Census Bureau, 2012)
  • High school equivalency can increase employment opportunities, including promotions, and annual earnings (Center for Labor Market Students, Northeastern University)

Help motivate your students to soldier on and get that high school equivalency when you download and print the infographic poster and display it in your adult education classrooms. It’s a tall order but you can inspire students to do greater, be greater and to make a name for themselves.

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