5 Fun Videos to Get Students Excited about Figurative Language


With school right around the corner or already started, now is the time to help students refocus and get excited about learning again!

When it comes to English language arts and reading skills, look no further for inspiration than the Introduction to Reading Skills playlist on our YouTube channel. There you’ll find dozens of entertaining videos in several different styles; each introducing or explaining a key K-8 Common Core-aligned reading skill as a fun animated sketch, cartoon, or computer animation!

Here are five short videos that make explaining figurative language a piece of cake – all from our new SRA FLEX Literacy reading and English language arts program:

  • 1 – Figurative vs Literal Language

  • 2 – Figurative Language – Antonyms

  • 3 – Figurative Language – Synonyms

  • 4 – Figurative Language – Similes

  • 5 – Figurative Language – Puns

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